A progress meeting took place on the 23rd April 2019

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Build Week: 34

Anticipated Completion Date: 25th July 2019

Planned Progress: 72%

Actual Progress: 66%

The program still shows the builders lagging behind but they are still confident of finishing on time.

Progress in Period:

Completed roof lights and standing seams
Completed UFH and screed
Substantially completed back boarding of walls
Commenced misting system install
Commenced decorations
Installed misting system water storage tank
Commenced wiring
Installed extract hoods in kitchen

Key Activities in Next Period:

Strike roof handrail
Substantially complete plastering
Commence IPS installation
Commence floor coverings
Commence carpentry
Install pitch drainage
Commence perimeter fencing
Block paving to parking bays in the drop-off area

Next Progress Meeting: 30th May 2019

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Hunts Grove Progress Meeting No.7
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