We are pleased that through a lot of hard work and commitment by pupils, parents and staff that Moat Primary Academy School is now out of special measures.

A few comments by Ofsted Inspectors are:

“Staff care about the pupils and their community. There is a strong sense of teamwork across the school. Parents and carers are positive about the school’s work, especially the support offered during the national lockdowns. Several parents commented on the passion and commitment staff showed at a challenging time.”

“Leaders are united in their work to improve the quality of education pupils receive. During the last year, leaders have reorganised the curriculum in every subject. Leaders’ plans are comprehensive and ambitious. They identify the important knowledge and skills pupils need to know and remember from Reception to Year 6. However, in some subjects, such as history, teachers are only just beginning to implement these new plans. Consequently, gaps in pupils’ knowledge persist.”

“There is a sharp focus on developing children’s language, vocabulary and communication skills. In the pre-school, highly skilled staff expertly support children’s language and communication skills well. They confidently show children how to play, talk and write.”

“The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.”

“Leaders place significant importance on keeping pupils safe. Staff are knowledgeable about what to do if they are worried about a pupil. Leaders, including the pastoral support worker, are quick to help vulnerable pupils and families access the support they need.”

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Moat Primary Academy School – Out of Special Measures
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