• A governance structure is in place across the five Academies in the Trust.
  • As outlined in the Trust Governance Structure table, the Robinswood Academy Board are currently overseeing the development and business of Moat Academy Board with the aim to establish Moat Academy Board as a separate entity at the beginning of the next academic year 2019/20. Whilst Hunts Grove Primary Academy is accommodated at Waterwells Primary Academy, the Trust has a joint board for both schools with the aim to establish a separate Hunts Grove Academy Board in September 2019.
  • All Members and those on the Trust and Academy Boards are governors with specific governance responsibilities conferred under the Trust’s Scheme of Delegated Authority, the Master Funding Agreement and Articles of Association.
  • Overall accountability for all aspects of the Trust lies with the Trust Board, including finance, personnel and premises. The Scheme of Delegated Authority requires the Academy Boards to carry out a monitoring role to communicate, advise and inform the Trust Board as appropriate.


  • Oversee and hold the Trust Board to account for the governance arrangements of the Trust. They are in effect the “guardians” of the governance of the Trust;
  • Have a different status to Trustees with a largely “hands-off role” with rights analogous to shareholders. They do not have rights of ownership in the Trust but can control changes in the constitution (subject to DfE approval) and other fundamental decisions relating to the Trust; and
  • Have the right to appoint Trustees to ensure that the Trust’s charitable objects are carried out and can also remove Trustees who fail to fulfil this responsibility.


  • Responsible for ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic development of all Academies in the Trust so that these principles can be applied at individual Academy level;
  • The strategic decision-making body for the whole Trust including the allocation and management of resources;
  • Responsible for overseeing the performance of all Academies and holding leadership at all levels to account for the educational performance of the Academies and the pupils and the performance management of staff;
  • Ensure that the Trust and the Academies comply with the general law, all statutory requirements and DfE guidance, and that all required policies and procedures are in place, reviewed and agreed;
  • Accountable for the financial performance of the Academies and ensuring appropriate financial and procurement systems are in place according to the EFA Academies Financial Handbook;
  • The employer of all staff;
  • The admissions authority for the Academies within the Trust; and
  • Responsible for providing information about the Trust Board to the Academy Boards.
  • Two Staff Advisors attend Trust Board meetings in an advisory capacity; they are not Trustees and have no voting rights.


  • Monitor their Academy’s performance and provide challenge and support to the leadership team to ensure that best possible outcomes are achieved for all pupils;
  • Ensure that the relevant delegated Trust policies are adhered to and implemented at the local level, including both curriculum and non-curriculum policies, including safeguarding and health and safety;
  • Provide information about their Academy to the Trust Board; and
  • Communicate with parents and the wider local community.

Academy Board Terms of Reference

Robinswood & Moat AB Interests and Attendance

Register of Business & Pecuniary Interest & Attendance 18-19

Grange AB Interests and Attendance

Register of Business & Pecuniary Interest & Attendance 18-19

Register of Business & Pecuniary Interest & Attendance 19-20

Waterwells & Hunts Grove AB Interests and Attendance

Register Relevant & Pecuniary Interest & Attendance 18-19

Register Relevant & Pecuniary Interest & Attendance 19-20

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