Join The Robinswood Academy Trust

We current use the “30 minute test”, if it’s not possible to travel between one of our schools to another in 30 minutes  then we don’t believe that we can currently make a meaningful and lasting impact on the young people in a school. We exist to serve the young people in our local community.

Benefits to the young people in our care

Access to shared teaching specialisms, resources, and facilities
Proximity of schools for collaboration, not competition
Build on links that exist with siblings in different schools within the Trust

Shared ethos, vision and values – a local partnership for local families
Lack of ‘top down’ thinking – acknowledgement that the learning goes both ways


Business reasons to be part of The Robinswood Academy Trust

As a group of schools we have greater buying power and increased opportunities for saving money which can then be spent on improving the education for all of the children.

We share resources and services more effectively to provide consistent and continuous support for our young people.

We can provide better opportunities for staff development as staff will be able to work collaboratively across the schools.

Each of our schools is unique, with its own particular strengths and traditions. We encourage our schools to preserve and improve these whilst moving forward to provide an excellent education for the foreseeable future.

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